Get Started With In 3 Simple Steps

We make it easy for you to find and download your list. Once you are a client you will have access to our entire catalog of data. All of our lists are easy to find and you can even download them to your google drive or dropbox folder for sharing within your company.

1 Select Data Plan offers 3 data plans based on your short-term or long-term data needs. You will have unlimited downloads from our platform and all lists come with our data guarantee and unlimited use with no restrictions.

Our data is all pre-compiled so you will be able to generate thousands of leads per second with just 1-Click.

All of our plans come with full technical support and all charges are 1 time only – there are NO additional recurring fees from

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2 Search Our 9000 Datasets

Once you select your data plan you will then be given a user name and password where you can login and see all of our datasets. Type in what list you are looking for and our search engine will bring up all relevant lists by keyword.

We have Smart Technology so that you can also click on Tags to find your lists. No more looking up SIC codes or waiting for a database to spit out results our platform gives you instant results in just seconds.

  • View and search datasets by business category, state, zip code or practice area.
  • All of our data is easy to find and it will show you list counts, preview, last updated date and much much more.

3 Save To Cloud Or Download

This is where our platform makes your life easier. All of our data is already in .CSV files so once you click the download button it only take a few seconds and the list is saved on your computer.

You can save your lists to your local computer, your dropbox folder or even a google drive account. We make it super easy to get your lists to you.

Faster downloads and quicker access has been the #1 complaint we always hear from list buyers but now with once you select your plan you will be downloading data in as little as 5 minutes with no experience required.

  • All datasets are pre-compiled in .CSV format which can be opened up in Excel or OpenOffice.
  • Lightning fast downloads so you can get hundreds of lists per day.
  • You can also save to your dropbox or google drive account for sharing within your company.
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