Build Your Own Lists By Going Directly To The Data Sources.

Save Money & Compile Your Own Marketing & Lead Lists.

Buy Data Sources Book $699

Delivered via FedEx in 1-2 Business Days.


First Time Ever Released!

You know that the best data always comes from the source and now you can get data just like we do. Our data sources book will give you access to the real sources of data so you can compile your own marketing lists.

Just let us know which business category you would like (car dealers, doctors, dentists, insurance agents, etc) and we will FEDEX you a copy of our Data Sources Book which will contain 50-80 data sources with the following information:

  • 1. Data Source Name
  • 2. Contact & Address Information
  • 3. Website Address
  • 4. Cost or Service Charges (if any)
  • 5. Data Order Form (if available)
  • 6. Notes & Additional Information

Compile Your Own Lists

Our data sources book gives you the full contact information of our data sources so you can build your own lead lists right from the sources we use.


All Data Is Either FREE or Low Cost

The data you get will either be FREE or you will just have to pay a small processing fee. In certain instances there will be a per record price but every data source is different.

Get Data Directly From The Sources

By getting data directly from the sources you can build the exact marketing list you want without having to pay the high prices that list companies charge.


Build Your Own Lists By Going Directly To The Data Sources.

Buy Data Sources Book $699

Delivered via FedEx in 1-2 Business Days.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many sources are in the book?

Each business category will have 50-80 different sources

How often are the sources updated?

We check the the list at least 1 time each month

Once I contact the data source are there any additional fees?

Possibly. Some data you can simply request and the will give to you for FREE. Some data sources might have a small $25 processing fee. Each data source is different.

What data will I receive.

Each data source compiles different information and data fields can vary. Most sources will give you full contact information.

Are there any refunds if I am not happy?

Unfortunately, No. Because this is a digital product there are no refunds or exchanges. Before you receive the book you will be required to sign a legal binding copy of our Terms of Service.

Where do you get this list from?

We have been in business since 2005 and compiled this our data sources over the past 9 years.