Instant Download Of More Than 18,000 Business Lists

Now you can have unlimited access to over 18,000 National Business Lists. With our Unlimited Data Plan you will be able to download as many pre-compiled business lists as you’d like.

Search Data Sets

Once you log in you will be able to quickly find your list using our search box or sorting by tabs. All of our datasets are full national lists and are already compiled in .CSV format for your convenience.

Preview Lists

Once you find your lists you will be able to see all relevant data that is included on the list such as unique counts, last update date plus we will show you a preview of the data so you can see exactly what data the list contains.

  • View Data Counts
  • View Unique Records
  • Preview Data In Table Format

Our Preview Lists feature is an industry first and it shows you all of the relevant data before you download to make sure it’s exactly what you are looking for.

Instant Download

Because all of our data is already in .CSV files all you have to do is click on the download button and your list will be saved on your computer, dropbox folder or google drive account.

Download as much data as you want…

Get Unlimited Access To All 18,000 Datasets For 1 Low Price!

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  • Unlimited Access
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  • Most Economical Plan
  • One Time Charge
  • Select From 45 Million Leads
  • FREE Support

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6 Months


  • Unlimited Access
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Frequently Asked Questions

How often are your databases updated?

We update both our direct mail and email databases daily so you will always have the freshest data.

How accurate are your databases?

Our Direct Mail Lists are 95% accurate as we NCOA Validate all of our records and our Email Lists average around a 70%-80% deliverability rate.

What type of support do you offer?

If you need help you can simply send us an email from inside your client dashboard and we will be happy to help you.

How many times can I use the lists?

Once you download your lists you will have unlimited access and use. The only restrictions is that you can not resell the lists.

How do you compile the lists?

All data is compiled using public records, phone books and surveys. We also use private and proprietary databases.

How are my lists delivered to me?

After your order is processed and verified you will receive a username and password where you can search and start downloading your lists.

How can you sell your data for less than anyone else?

With over 4000 Completely Satisfied clients since 2005 we can offer volume pricing so everyone gets a great deal on data!

How do I save my lists?

You can save your lists to your computer, a dropbox folder or your google drive account with 1-Click. No one makes it as easy as